Charlotte de Witte

championing her own style of uncompromising and headstrong techno

Born in Ghent, de Witte first started to DJ in 2010, when she was 17. Initially, she played electro-house and EDM, and got her first big break by winning a Studio Brussel DJ contest and spinning at the Tomorrowland festival in 2011.

She began producing tracks, releasing EPs on Bad Life and Crux Records before scoring a hit with "You're Mine," which featured Oscar and the Wolf (Belgian vocalist Max Colombie).

De Witte's sound has since switched to a darker brand of techno and she has fully established herself on the club and festival circuits. She maintains a residency at the Brussels club Fuse, and has become an in-demand DJ across the globe. Appearing on the cover of DJ Mag in 2017, she also recorded an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 in 2018, shortly before the release of her second NovaMute EP, “The Healer”.

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