Green Velvet

intoxicated by the energetic culture of house of which he is now the boss

In 1991, midway though graduate school, Cajmere returned to Chicago to pursue his dream of producing house music. In 1992, after surviving on cheese sandwiches and maximizing credit limits, Cajmere finally made an imprint on the dance community with his infectious experiment, "Coffee Pot" (It's Time for the Percolator). "Brighter Days", a Cajmere and vocalist Dajae collaboration resulted in a #2 Billboard Dance Chart.

It was at this point that Cajmere decided to start Cajual Records. Having his own label gave Cajmere the autonomy to attain his goal of developing a sound that was representative of Chicago - thus, putting Chicago back on the map. In 1993 Cajmere created Relief Records.

The label became an outlet for him and other producers. This facilitated the birth of the experimental and eccentric, afro wig-wearing entity we know as Green Velvet. Green Velvet produced the first release on the Relief label, "Preacher Man." Following up the debut release with "Flash" and "The Stalker", both of which brought about praise and worldwide recognition.

A true house music legend is on his way to Life 19.

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