Kerri Chandler in 5 Records


Kerri chandler – Clints Ride

Even legends have to start somewhere. Chandler's first EP via Express Records. A clear sign of the career that was to come.

Kerri chandler - Atmosphere EP

Any and all of the tracks on this stunning release can help us to understand what Kerri and his sound have been about since the very beginning

Kerri chandler - Atmosphere (Lost Dubs)

A genre defining track that never gets old. An ambassador for Kerri's brand of house music. This track has it all.

Kerri chandler - Rain

The swinging groove, the infectious vocal and the smoothest keys. Instantly recognisable as a Kerri Chandler jam. 

Kerri chandler - Back to the Raw (Dark Mix)

Showing his versatility, Kerri's 'dark mix' elaborates on his 'dark instrumental' with the style of deep, anthemic vocals for which his music has become renowned.

So there you have it. 5 tracks we think define Kerri’s sound. We’re sure most of you are already aware of Kerri Chandler, but if not we hope he’s won you over & you check him out as he joins a packed line-up this May at Life 19

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Jon Averill